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'Go Run Bingo 

Challenge yourself and have fun with 'Go Run Bingo! We have created a series of participation and performance-based challenges to keep you motivated during your 'Go Run experience in 2019.


'Go Run Bingo boards are printed on the back of 2019 'Go Run bib numbers. Get yours when you check in for your first 'Go Run of the season.


Each time you complete a challenge at 'Go Run, visit the blue tent after the run/walk to get a date stamp for that challenge on your bib number. You can count only one challenge per 'Go Run date, so plan your strategy to win!


To win, complete at least one challenge under each letter until you have  G-O-R-U-N. Once you have spelled 'Go Run, you win! Complete additional challenges and you can earn more rewards!


GORUN = Free 'Go Run t-shirt

GORUN + 5 Challenges = Free CARA Fuel Belt

GORUN + 10 Challenges = Free BibBoards

GORUN + 15 Challenges = Free CARA Goodrs

GORUN + 20 Challenges = TBA


Redeem winning 'Go Run bingo boards at the blue tent after the run/walk. You must get your bib stamped to count the challenge.

*First 15 to redeem.

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